Realizing the impact that low back pain has on millions of people every day and feeling inspired to create a solution that would help those affected regain the ability to lead a full and satisfying pain-free life, Dr. Lawrence took it as a personal challenge to create a solution for sufferers everywhere.

Through countless years of research, trial and error, and by keeping a keen ear tuned into feedback shared by his patients, Dr. Lawrence and his team of professionals were able to construct a low back pain relief device the likes of which had never been experienced before. Named the Revolution Back Belt because of its innovative approach to back support aids, the team utilized advancements in design concepts and technology to perfect upon the flaws that other models of back braces had long been plagued with. The resulting product wound up far exceeding expectations. Along with being one of the most effective implements in alleviating the excruciating symptoms of back pain, the Revolution Back Belt is also terrific for improving and reinforcing proper posture and developing a smoother, faster gait pattern.

In his practice, Dr. Lawrence has witnessed first-hand the positive results that users have had with the Revolution Back Belt. As someone who enjoys keeping active and all of the great benefits that come with it, he’s thrilled at the idea of helping others who have sat on the sidelines for far too long. What began as a concept to create a tool that would allow people to take back the special moments they were being robbed of because of back pain evolved into a device that is changing lives around the world.



We took the concept of external pelvic compression for the treatment of low back pain and started the design process for support from scratch. Added to this was valuable patient feedback to build a product that was effective and user-friendly.