Revolution PF Brace*

Although there are many treatments to deal with this condition, none address the critical factor that prevents faster recovery... until now.

When you go to sleep or are off your feet for an extended period of time, the tension of the plantar fascia where it connects to your heel is reduced. It is at this point your body can commence repair at the connection.

However, each time you take that first step after the rest periods, the connection is strained, and the pain cycle repeats itself.

Breaking the Pain Cycle

The Revolution PF Brace is designed to give customized adjustable support for your plantar fascia throughout all phases of foot contact with the ground (i.e heel strike, mid stance, and toe-off). This can help reduce the repetitive strain on the plantar fascia in the recovery process.

How the Revolution PF Brace Helps You


The Revolution™ PF Brace was designed to effectively treat plantar fasciitis in a versatile way making it easy to use any time of day and compatible with almost all complementary therapies. What sets the Revolution™ PF Brace apart, is the ability to quickly and easily give you the support that you need with a twist of a dial. No two feet are alike, therefore we’ve added this feature to provide adequate support that you need for that first step in the morning to help break the “tear repair” cycle of the plantar fascia where it connects to your heel.


Although the Revolution™ PF Brace is designed to be used first thing in the morning, it can be used in other ways to help you even more. Owing to its design, it can be used with your orthotics and icing regimen, and it accentuates the effects of your stretching program by enhancing the stretch on the plantar fascia as a result of what is known as the windlass mechanism. Furthermore, it can be used as a nighttime brace which we discovered through patient feedback.


As with all products you would wear, you want them to be comfortable and easy to clean among other things. The Revolution™ PF Brace has a patent pending tunnel feature designed to decrease the restriction of blood flow of the artery on top of the foot. To keep the Revolution™ PF Brace in place so it has the best chance to provide you with relief, it is lined with latex-free anti-slip material. Furthermore, since it is a product worn around the foot it can be susceptible to foot odour. Simply wash the Revolution™ PF Brace with warm soapy water and let it air dry and you are good to go!