How It Works

The Ultimate back support system

The Revolution Back Belt is based on the concept of external pelvic compression. In short, even though it is worn around the pelvis it can help reduce low back pain in addition to supporting the pelvis. Furthermore it can improve posture and low back stability and increase walking speed, which taken all together can help reduce your low back pain.

To download the Revolution Back Belt PDF Instructions please click here. 

Fitting Your Back Belt

IMPORTANT: Do not use on broken skin or fractured bone.

Helpful Hint: Experiment with rotating the belt on your pelvis and or moving it up or down to find maximum relief, we found that when testing the Revolution Back Belt, trying different positions often made a big difference.

Hear it from our clients

I've had back pain for years, the difference since I bought the Revolution Back Belt is huge!

Lucille, Canada

Sitting at a desk all day really did a number on my lower back. This has finally helped me feel normal again.

Rick, Australia